I would not be here today smiling and being the light 💡 that my SOUL is meant to be without taking the time to prioritize my spiritual connection! ☀️🙏So many people separate their physical and spiritual lives. Putting the spiritual into a box 📦 over there, as it it’s separate from this physical existence and 3D world. When our spiritual connection is meant to heal us and HELP us enhance this physical life we are living! 💛Some of us are here to go first and be the ones that are the bridges between the spiritual and physical!What us acting as the bridge are here to do is ground our soul energies, ground the source frequencies, down to earth 🌍in order to HEAL our life and help others around us!For example for me, my spiritual connection and connection with God helps me do all the 3D stuff I am required to do in this life. Like before I had done any healing work I was filled with dehabilitating anxiety and could not even drive or re take my driver test after failing, until I had sufficiently healed the cellular blocks causing me to have this extreme anxiety.My spiritual practice allowed me to drive, a part of this human experience I was required to do. My spiritual connection with my fiancé in spirit is saving my life now, allowing me to deeply heal my heart and reconnect back to who I was before he left this realm. Without my spiritual connection I would be miserable right now and not writing this post at all!!! In my teens before I had this connection as strongly developed (which takes EFFORT and CONSISTENCY btw) I was an escapist and could’ve gone down the addiction path! Luckily my soul saved me from this and here I am completely sober because that is what works for me and keeps my connection to spirit strong! ☀️So I am a living example of how taking the time to develop and prioritize your spiritual connection in whatever way that looks like for you is the most beneficial thing you can literally do. I am here, having gone through so much, still sooooo dedicated to my purpose; still in joy amongst deep grief, and still connected as ever to my true self and soul!!!I am so freaking grateful! I hope this can inspire you to focus on what really matters!!!! Connection to spirit , your own SOUL and personal Source/ God connection! 💛 this is where all true healing and peace really come from. And if you’d like me to be your guide into your Joy of living reality , where you have successfully merged the physical / spiritual realms, Dm me to chat about 1:1 coaching . Much love 💛💛 to all. XoBrit


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