How to tap into the frequency of miracles, no matter what you are currently going through 🌼💎☀️There is a miracle frequency you can tap into and live in, where many blessings, big and small, and shower upon you, even in the midst of challenging times.This is something I have really been living in lately, and I always have really. But, especially since being totally heart right broken open 💔, in deep grief, and still yet through surrendering to god and spirit to heal me, being able to still feel like I am living in this miracle frequency.

How to live here? ☀️Step 1 🌼 Never bypass an emotion; this is not a pretending that you feel like your life is a miracle, this is a LIVING in that knowing. Which means when the opposite feelings come up (feeling victimized, like literally you have the most suffering ever possible , deep despair and all of the depths of human emotion etc.) Deeply feeling these, releasing the emotion, crying, screaming, physically moving the body, and honouring how you feel in each moment. While at the same time, asking god and your soul/ spirit guides / teams to heal you and show you what you need to do to release the pattern of emotional suffering.

Step 2 🌼 Spending lots of time in quiet reflection. Connecting with Source in your own very personal way. For me I meditate every morning now before Dougy wakes up for a half hour or so, doing deep breathing, and staring out at the trees 🌳 looking at nature, at the same time connecting with my breath, is how I feel a deep connection with my soul and God. (Do this in your own personal way- this is how it will be the most powerful, when it is your own soul guiding you to how to connect to this power!)

Step 3 🌼 Connecting to a feeling of service / love in your heart. I truly believe the frequency of miracles activates in your life when you have established a connection to your own inner HEART space 💖 which from that place, you will be inspired to uplift/ heal/ serve others in some way. Grasping for your own personal fulfillment will not put you in the space of miracles (they may be happening regardless, but in a service only to self energy, you probably won’t even notice the many miracles happening in your life because you will be so focused on the next self gratification!) The miracle frequency is a refined energy where you notice all the little miracles, which you would not notice when you are in that energy of grasping for external fulfillment.

Step 4🌼 Like I said above, noticing all the little miracles that happen. Whether it’s a beautiful bird outside your window, a feeling of joy when you hold your warm cup of tea 🫖 The warm sun ☀️ on your face all of these are miracles and by appreciating them and thanking god for showering you with these many blessings, You activate the miracle frequency which will allow even bigger miracles to take place. Like miracle healings. Financial blessings. Relationship manifestations and healings. Miracle genius ideas that align you with your souls true mission for this lifetime,And so much more !!!🌼☀️😁✨🌳💛💎🙏💖Xo sending so much love to all.
🌼PS ☀️ if you desire to live in this miracle energy in your life, as you deeply heal / transform all that you are going through into your highest good; DM me to chat about 1:1 coaching with me.

. XoBrit


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