How to go through your worst fears manifesting / dark night of the soul and heal gracefully while staying connected to your Soul and Truth🌟

As most of you probably know from September on I went through my worst fears, or even beyond what my worst fears could be, manifesting in my life, starting from the loss of my partner, fiancé, best friend and father of my child… it has been a long, dark winter; and the grief has been more intense than anything I’ve ever experienced. The fears / anxieties brought up from the grief and the events that took place after his death were extremely intense for me. Again, how I made it through, is truly a miracle 🌟

I really pray that no one has to go through these horrific painful experiences, but I do truly empathize with all humanity right now as so many of us are truly going through a dark night of the soul phase, and it can feel extremely dark and heavy!

From about March 20 on, after I received a healing miracle, I have felt in quite a different energetic space, although the grief still present (that is not something to be magically healed away although it does lighten with these healing miracles)
I have healed much of the dehabilitating feelings that I went through the first few months after his passing,

I really feel that because I’ve gone through this level of intensity, I can help be that anchor 💡 for those who are really going through it right now!💛🙏

1️⃣First off, whatever you are going though right now, you can heal. Belief in healing miracles is the first step to opening to receive them.

2️⃣Secondly, all healing will come through God, and or/ your higher self/ Soul, and firstly healing is energetic (although you may be guided to certain physical things/ experiences / people to further the healing)
All first takes place energetically!

3️⃣ Many if the issues we are healing / processing are beyond this lifetime alone. Many of us as starseeds / healers have come to this planet with much to heal through our dna / ancestral lines, and past lives as well as our own inner child selves. This can feel like A LOT.
Trust that as heavy / dark / never ending it may feel; you are capable of healing and bringing light to these issues; and you wouldn’t be given this many to work through if you were not fully able to TRANSMUTE these energies.

4️⃣Give yourself the time and space to fully FEEL the feelings coming up. Processing them / expressing them, treating them as little children who deserve to be heard / loved 🥰
I cry every single day usually as the grief is intense. I don’t care where I am even if it comes up in public I never block the flow of tears, as they deserve to be honoured!
Also, if we keep our emotions stuck inside us they come forth in uglier ways, even causing illness in the body. Feel to heal! Allow yourself to really go there, with no bypassing. With no trying to “fix” or see the positivity in it before actually allowing ourselves to feel it.
I had to first fully accept the shittiness of my loss, without sugarcoating it with fluffy positive messages; before I was able to reach a lighter place with my grief.
I had to accept “this f*ckin SUCKS and there’s no solution!”
From that place I have been able to move forward into more healing💛
Also this is a good tip for those comforting grieving people during this time, let them bask in the outright shittiness of their experience before you go looking for the “positive”!
First feel!
Then heal!

5️⃣ Love / Joy / peace are all internal energies that can be cultivated from within. Once we have given ourselves time to feel. We can ask God / our souls/ guides to help us anchor more of these lighter emotions into our field.
Even in the worst circumstances, these emotions can still exist.
Allow them to come through, even if just for a moment. These lighter emotions can truly heal you.
They help our physical bodies heal, our emotional/ auric bodies heal from basking in the lighter emotions.
As serious the circumstances of your life may be, always make time to allow the childlike Joy to burst 💥 out of your heart space. Not by force, but by aligning with your soul, and things that make you truly lit up from within.
There is nothing and NO ONE external that can ever fully take away your inner joy, that soul spark ⚡️ of light that YOU are!
Always remember that. 💛💛

This is not a definitive guide, but just a few helpful notes from my personal experience of all my worst fears manifesting and coming out on top/ staying connected to my Soul and Truth through it all.

Much love beautiful souls 💛🙏
Thanks for being here. 🌟



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