Everywhere I go I am met with friendly faces

I seem to always be in the right place at the right time

It has increased lately as my connection to my love in spirit is strengthening every day

But I always had a bit of this magic

It’s a magic of feeling and KNOWING the innocence and purity of your own being. Knowing how LOVED you are by a loving God that allows you to have a happy skip in your step

This magical way of dancing around through life 💃

Always expecting pleasantness and joyful connections

Not being disappointed without them either, being in a grounded, secure energy regardless!

But just knowing because you know your inherent goodness and the goodness of all the other souls that goodness is what you will meet.

And anything else is truly a rarity

Because that is not your normal

You dance and play and flutter joyfully about your life

Meeting the most wonderful men and women

The best clients sign up with you

Everything you struggle through becomes a massive healing gift you then use to help others🙏

You truly feel magical

This is how a human lives with full connection to Source

The divine mother / father god

Living as the divine child

This is Something In my soul likes to live in

And loves to help others access

This is truly innate

We have just been born with amnesia and taken on so much falsity

It’s time now to free yourself and accept your true divine inheritance Of safety, provision, playful joy, infinite creativity, spiritual connection and so many blessings 🦋

And I love to be your guide


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