Ever since 2013, I have said a forgiveness prayer, and made it a regular practice, to forgive and release always, usually even immediately after any hurts have taken place. Or after I realized I had accidentally hurt another too. I felt it created a lightness in me like nothing I had ever experienced in my life. So I’ve kept the practice ever since. 9 years now. And it really comes in handy.

Even as I’ve gone through things these past months that I’m sure many would deem unforgivable, I still forgive. Why? I recognize that the people who have acted in incredibly awful ways, are just so disconnected from their own heart and soul, that I actually feel bad for them.

I feel bad for everyone who has ever treated me bad, as someone who is connected with their heart and soul, you just don’t act in these ways. Not that I’m perfect or anything, if I ever do act in a hurtful way, I always immediately recognize it and apologize, as that’s just not who I am, even as much as I hurt. I do not want to ever hurt anyone.

But, on the other hand, with losing my masculine protector, I am not saying that forgiveness is allowing anyone to walk all over me either.I have to remain strong, boundaries strong, and realize that people who act in hurtful ways, will NEVER be allowed in mine or my child’s life. As it is just unsafe, and as now being like the mother and father of my son, safety is paramount.

But I can still forgive, and recognize these sad souls need healing. And rather than thinking about revenge, (God handles the karma part of things 😉 )I can sincerely wish that people who do hurt me, find healing. While still realizing they are probably too far gone in this lifetime; as many are, so soul disconnected, it is merely impossible for them to see the light or truth. In this lifetime at least.

I think many people close to me in my life are surprised at my attitudes around what’s happened to me, how I don’t want to have revenge at all. I deeply understand that it is not my will, but gods will, on how karma sorts itself out. I don’t want to add to the energy of pain, or hatred, I want that energy evicted from this planet. The energy that has tormented me since my love left, is not human, and to neutralize it, it needs to be seen for what it is. To add to this energy, through hatred, vengeance or unforgiveness is to prolong its existence on this planet.

With the Great Awakening that’s happening, The dark energies are getting evicted off this planet, and I want to keep it that way 😉 So, no revenge needed. I will just continue to forgive and release, while still keeping a strong boundary with that kind of energy in my life. I will continue to stand for truth. Speak the truth. And pray for healing for all souls. Anyways; here is the incredibly powerful prayer for forgiveness, that I use regularly, I will usually say it about 3 times in a row, or more if needed.


By and through the power of the holy spirit,I know and decree right now,

All that has seemingly offended me or held me, I forgive and release

Within and without,I forgive and release

,Things past, things present, and all things future,

I forgive and release

I forgive and release EVERYTHING and EVERYONE EVERYWHERE, Past present and future

Who could possibly need forgiveness or release,

This includes forgiveness for myself,

Through the power of God now,I forgive and release absolutely everyone and everything,

And anyone who needs to forgive and release me, including myself, does so now.

This is done now , by the power of god. I am free,And all others concerned are also free,

Therefore all things are completely cleared up, Now and forever,

This is so now, under grace In gods own wise and perfect ways.Thank you God, and SO IT IS!

Prayer is from “Instant Healing” by Susan Shumsky


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