Clearing out False identities and allowing the Real Soul Level you to Be known and expressed 💛🤍🔥

As you begin healing, which includes calling back soul fragments, healing inner child / past life wounding, healing ancestral / genetic curses brought on from your bloodline/ dna , healing false societal beliefs you’ve taken on, etc,
Many “identities” that you could’ve sworn were YOU, will effortlessly drop away, as you realize these identities were NOT the real you, not at the SOUL level.

So much of who most people think they “are”, are not truly their actual SOUL self but limited programming / thoughtforms / negative energetic structures and attachments taken on unknowingly by the person due to their trauma and the bloodline they we’re born into.

It’s good to be aware of this, because as you are on your energy clearing / healing path you may begin to feel so differently, like so many of these versions that of you that you held onto thinking were you, dissolve, you may be left feeling like, who am I really? What am I here to do?🤍💛

These answers can come from within your own heart space now. Not what you’ve taken on from the family line, society, or trauma.

Who are you really without all that heavy stuff?

I know for me I have dropped so many identities in this lifetime.
So much of what I could’ve sworn was me was nothing but limited beliefs and inner wounding , not the real soul level me at all.

It has been a miraculous transformation. And I’m sure I’ll continue to drop out identities as I am here, as the process of healing is a never ending journey.

But I am so grateful to be so much freer now. So many thoughtforms/ fears / addictions / curses / programs all dissolved and replaced by my soul and it’s Beautiful light 💡

This is the transformation many of us starseeds and light workers are here to help others go through as well🔥🤍💛💎

What an amazing blessing to help people drop out of false identities and false realities created by them!

Woohoo 🥳


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