Each action taken to connect internally to Soul accumulates and makes your life more peaceful in future dates. It is not always an instant result (sometimes it is tho) but just know every action taken to further your spiritual connection / healing is recorded and acts to your benefit in future timelines.

Every action has an energetic consequence, positive or negative.

Don’t get discouraged if it seems to take quite long for your healing work to create a concrete result in your physical experience, you are clearing tons of past karma (ancestral or your own past life/present life) and it can take awhile for your New self to fully ground into the physical.

I have been shown recently how actions I took in 2012/2013/2014 to put myself on the healing path, are in culmination now. The serenity that I feel/have felt for the last few years was the result of right actions taken to listen to my soul (this is not based on morality of “right” but just my own soul guidance being followed.)

I have been shown also in our lives we have certain choice points, decisions we make that either jumpstart a higher/positive frequency timeline or a negative one. Truly, every choice matters, but if we are still here we always have the power of our choice in this NOW moment. ❤


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