Don’t let the harshness of this world steal your sweetness 🍯

Don’t let bad experiences destroy your faith in God and spirit 🌟

Stay childlike. Keep the flame of love🔥 alive in your heart 💛🙏☀️

Make time for play. Beauty. Fun. Joy.

In those moments of childlike innocence your Soul will speak to you 🌸

You are always supported. You are always loved.

You are so needed here. While your mission may feel heavy at times, it does get to be FUN here too 😁🌟💛🙏🌹☀️💎🌊🎉🙌

This is a message so resonate for my heart and soul that my love in spirit says to me all the time as I go through this grief journey. He doesn’t want me to lose my the beautiful sparkle of my Soul🌸 and I won’t 😉🙏🙌☀️💎🌊🔥



PS : I have space open in my 3 month and 6 month 1:1 coaching containers, Dm me if you feel the soul pull to work together 1:1. The vibe is Soul Reconnection and Activation 💡 Deep healing and Aligning with your highest timeline of Soul service. Doing the soul work you uniquely came to do. Manifestation and god / Source connection


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