I’ve been shown visions of myself at certain times of my life in my past, where I was either reading prayers from my prayer book that I love (instant healing by Susan shumsky)- sitting in my altar like space in total reverence doing this,

Or taking healing courses, expanding my knowledge / gifts of healing,

Or sitting and reading a spiritual book and just having the downloads click ⚡️

All of these I have been doing for years, and they are all things I did alone, completely on my own, no one told me to, all coming from inner guidance.

And I was shown that in these moments I was increasing my souls power and spiritual strength. This is how I am able to have inner peace even in tumultuous times in my life.

This is how I am able to be a leader in the realms of personal healing.

It is from dedicated time, devoted to my souls calling. 💛

This is not to sound egotistical in these realms either- no one is better or worse, superior or inferior, that is all a bunch of BS! But, it is true that what you spend the most time on, becomes you. Ie, if you went to the gym once expecting miracles, you’re deluded.

It is what we do consistently over time that becomes us.

The spiritual path is no different.

I was inquiring within lately, how am I able to be so peaceful, to feel so confident, to feel even during the depths of grief such hope and knowingness that JOY is inevitable.

This is what was shown to me. I feel my partner in spirit showed me to all the times he saw me, sitting alone on the ground, reading my prayers, saying a mantra, doing yoga, doing Journalling, taking a course online, and he said to me telepathically, “this is why babe, you have worked so hard on yourself, following your inner guidance, now you are reaping the rewards. You are amazing Babe and I am in awe of you every day.” 💎

Oh my god. I have so much emotion coming up writing that, it was never as clear as when I just wrote it that he is saying this to me. 💎 Wow. 🙏🌹💛🙌

Our loved ones in spirit are truly cheering us on as we are devoted to our Soul path.

It is those moments where you follow your soul, going to the beat of your own drum, and activating your inner light 💡 in the way only YOU know how, that act as credits on your spiritual journey.

The work and dedication you put in today on your personal path of healing becomes the miracles you live in years to come. 💛🙏🙌

Hope you can feel the expansive love 💗 frequency I am in as I type this. 🙏



Ps. I have space open in my 3 month and 6 month 1:1 coaching containers, Dm me if you feel the soul pull to work together 1:1. The vibe is Soul Reconnection and Activation 💡 Deep healing and Aligning with your highest timeline of Soul service. Doing the soul work you uniquely came to do. Manifestation and god / Source connection 💡🙏☀️


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