When you’re on the spiritual healing path for awhile and you are reaching higher levels of Soul embodiment, your energy can become a trigger / “threat” to those mainly operating in their lower 3D pain body.
The words “higher” and “lower” not meaning “better” or “worse” we we are ALL divine sparks ⚡️ of God, and beautiful souls with BEAUTIFUL soul gifts 🎁 and potentials here! 🌍
But! Not everyone is vibrating on the same frequency level.
For example, someone on the spiritual healing path for 10 years vs someone who’s never tried to have self awareness or look an emotional pattern, are going to be on different frequency levels.
Same with someone who goes to university for 10 years studying some whatever-thing, vs someone with not a days study in that field, are just not at the same level, in that particular field! Not a judgment, but a fact. Both souls are equally beautiful but have spent time in different realms!

The only thing with your development in the spiritual / healing realms is that You Being You, in your SOUL frequency goes against societal norms and energies held in the emotional pain body of most humans on this planet.

This varying frequency levels can be the cause of much distress so it’s just a good idea to be aware of this.

It will be like you are literally speaking another language, if you’ve been on the healing path for 10 years vs someone never spending a second on this self awareness, it could go something like this.

You, higher soul embodiment phase,”you have beautiful soul gifts, and unique mission here and deserve to live in Joy!”

pain body dominated individual without soul awareness (yet): “You’re evil. You are “insert insult relevant to their own unhealed painbody stuff” etc.”

This may same extreme but I have had pretty much exactly this interaction before 😂

Now as challenging as it may be on the other side of this kind of misrepresentation, as a pure hearted, soul embodied individual, with a service mission to raise collective consciousness,
It is also valuable to see when people come at you like this, when you’re speaking another language and you get wrongly accused of all kinds of things,
To see where you are still holding persecution fears.
Where does the trigger a fear or a past life memory of being not allowed to exist here and embody your soul frequency?

Remind yourself always this time is different.

You get to be here now. You are free now. You are safe to be yourself and share your unique soul gifts with the planet at this time! 🌍🙏💛☀️⚡️💫


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