You cannot receive your dreams at the highest level if you’re not being your true soul self.

The energy of being magnetic to your soulmate and soulmate life 💛

When are you most magnetic to your Soulmate, and the life that’s meant for you? Not when you’re gripping, needing, crying, sorry for yourself, resenting, and in deep in the pain body of your emotions. (Nothing wrong with those emotions though, as they work as a springboard to propel you into your dream life – once you learn the learnings of them.) But, staying in them repeatedly, by holding onto the past, holding onto past versions of yourself and holding onto past versions of others will keep you in that cycle forever! No fun! Being magnetic is your natural state, so being who you naturally are is when you are most magnetic to your good.Sexual energy is highly magnetic as well, so when you are allowing yourself to feel turned on 🔥 you are drawing your dreams to you effortlessly. When you are living in the present moment, you are magnetic.When you are in a state of deep love for yourself and all of life. You are most magnetic!! How to stay magnetic? Let go of each day as it passes. Be a new person every day. A forgiveness practice is something I teach my clients and in all my courses, as it’s the most powerful way to be a new person every day. Truly letting go and letting god. Seeing the divine perfection in all of life. Also, staying turned on, (even when there’s no one there turning you on.) simply being turned on by your own hotness and your own life. This juiciness draws men to you like magnets: they feel it and they want in on your energy, in more ways than one!Living in the moment, BEING who you really are (your true soul self is magnetic af.) When you allow your real self out, as scary as it may be, everyone will be magnetized to you, as they too want the freedom to be their true selves, and you are leading the way.And finally, being in a state of deep love, UNCONDITIONALLY for all of life is magnetic AF.A love that is not dependent on the actions of others, (so you can let them off the hook and just BE LOVE on your way to attracting it.) This frees others and frees yourself from needing potential soulmates to act in a certain way, (and when you don’t need them to, that’s when they act right, my loves😘)


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