Give people a lot of grace right now, and always. 🌸🙏💛💗☀️

We have all had our traumas. We have all suffered so much being here.
This earth school is not easy at times 😉

Kindness is a virtue.💗🌸💛🙏☀️

That old saying, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.” Comes to mind.

But, not that we have to live in a La La land where there’s no evil happening either. But, we can always speak kindly when stating facts.

Reactive- triggered energy creates more of the same.

Our fellow humans aren’t who we’re fighting against. Be kind. You never know what someone’s really going though or has gone through.

Some of us put a smile on our face every day no matter what we’ve just had to go though. It’s just our personality.

We have suffered and struggled. But we choose to look on the bright side and smile 😀 again.

Also, we can still have boundaries and not give our energy to people who do not deserve it, but even boundaries can be stated kindly in most cases.

Not that I don’t approve of a good “fuck Off “ at times, but really be discerning when this is actually necessary.

I think we should all strive to be as kind as possible.

These energies have a lot being brought to the surface right now in everyone, I really feel most are suffering in some way, or dealing with some harsh truths.

We can make it all a little easier on everyone by just being kind and silently giving a blessing to another.



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