Really bask in those feelings of joy, pleasure; being in love, so connected to your soul, so connected to your purpose, so connected to God. Moments of BLISS!☀️

Feel gratitude when you’re in these moments or when you’re remembering them, and really revel in it before you move on to the next “thing” to do or accomplish!

As humans we can always be onto the next thing we’re manifesting or creating and not take enough time to just BE in the high frequency states when we are there!

This is why being relaxed is so important. When you’re relaxed you are in the moment. You are Enjoying the moment! You are pure Being!

This has also really helped me with the grieving process.

Every moment I had with my late partner I was sooooo grateful and sooooo in appreciation. I spent many moments just basking in the joy and love of it all. I even taught about dream man manifestation. I was really IN IT! In the Joy and pleasure of the magical moments with him!

And I feel like because I was so in the moment and so grateful for the relationship, it’s like it lives on forever in my being. In my soul. There’s moments I’m remembering a memory and it’s like I am literally THERE. There is no time; there is no separation. Our souls are ONE.

This process has helped me heal so much! In those moments there is no grief. From a quantum perspective those special memories are all happening NOW as attention is focused on them!

You can bring Joy to the present moment while recollecting on an amazing memory. This is something I recommend you do regularly; think of the BEST moments of your life and FEEL how it felt and just BE in that energy. It changes your frequency to be identical with the higher state☀️🙏💛

You can also be so in the energetic state of your current desire(s) so that there is no separation! It is real in the now moment!

Hope this is helpful and reminds you to really enjoy and BASK in those magical moments inherent in this life!

Our attention and Focus is a powerful thing!

Let’s create miracles through focusing on the absolute BEST (when we are naturally feeling it- this isn’t a bypassing 😉)






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