Astrology really led me to the understanding of our souls purpose. It helped me get out of that feeling that life was meaningless.

Thankfully I learnt astrology when I was young enough and going through a dark time, that I was able to use my knowledge to pull me out of recreating karmic patterns. Once I knew my life had a purpose, it didn’t make sense to act against it.

The South node in astrology represents the point of comfort, our safe place, but also a place of stagnation if we stay there. These are deeply embedded character traits, that make up our ego personality, past lives or early life.

We can take gifts 🎁 from this sign, but we must not stay there or we will not be fulfilling our soul plan.

The north node is always exactly opposite the south. The north node shows the soul path, the traits we are meant to develop and embody to live our souls purpose. They may be uncomfortable at first. We may not want to “go there”, as they directly oppose comfort.

And that place we’ve always known, (that is actually soul stagnation.)It never fails every time I look up someone’s chart, to see this dynamic being played out between the two opposing signs, the north and south node. And in myself, it is unmistakable.

I am so excited to do my first in a long time astrology chart session/ healing for a client this week. I stopped doing these a long time ago. But this was requested and felt aligned!I do always think of and use astrology. Each and every day. I use the app Time Passages on my phone where I have hundreds of charts saved. My own and people I’ve known.

I began studying astrology at 15. Did my first YouTube video in 2014. This is how I began my online journey. With astrology YouTube videos. (These are all still up on my YouTube channel.)

I am so grateful for this tool to know and understand my own soul and others! 💛🙏⭐️


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