A souls regret.

Having no choice but to develop my mediumship abilities to communicate with my loves spirit, I have been gaining massive clarity around Souls, and how there can be so much regret on the other side, from the choices made while we are here.

For many souls it’s not just all La di da heaven and a celebration of a life well lived when they pass over.

When you die you are shown a life review of your entire life, with what you set out to do when you incarnated, and what you actually ended up by doing while being in this body because of amnesia on why you really came. It’s not a punishment but just a look at what could’ve been, had you followed higher guidance, and made better choices.

And no one is perfect, we have all made choices that our souls would probably regret and so there’s compassion for that. But there’s some things you can do in a physical body while you’re here that your soul will deeply regret, and have to re-do or re learn in some way, even after passing, in a new body or just in some type of schooling up on the other side.

What you may think and feel are the “right” choices while you are here; may be influenced by trauma, peer pressure, ego, fear, lower energies, etc, and not actually be the choice your SOUL would make. Which is why I preach soul connection so much and have for years. Because we want to live the life our SOUL came here for, to ensure fulfilment but also that we are really doing what we came for.

And it’s not always what the mind wants. Or thinks it needs.

Soul regret 1 : suicide.A soul always regrets a suicide. Often immediately after, as the solutions to the human problems become clear. There are no escaping our lessons here, they will have to be learnt, regardless of the physical body that has been abandoned early. We have free will to go against our soul plan, but there is huge regret for this, and karma created. And connecting mediumistically you will feel the souls immense regret. They may also need some help to go to the other side, as confusion/ fear may keep them bound to the earth plane, call upon their guides, God and soul team to take them to where they need to go for healing.

Soul regret 2 : drugs/ lifestyle choices. My personal feeling on this is that many souls who die from a drug overdose also regret this, although the energy is different than a suicide. The soul still regrets taking the path that lead them to a premature death. Although I do feel many souls do intend to heal addictions as part of their soul plan, and a triumphant recovery is part of the plan, many get caught up in the lifestyle and there are many energetic influences that can prevent the recovery. As soon you become aware, hey this is the wrong path and I should try something healthier, positive forces, God, your soul , and guides can work with you to heal these addictions, and you can make the free will choices to go in the right direction.

Soul regret 3: going against conscience. There is something cliche about this, but many of those times you get that gut feeling something is wrong, and then you go against that feeling, can be a big regret of the soul.

Soul regret 4: deliberately causing harm to others. This one is kind of obvious. But we can get caught up in these human bodies, forgetting that kindness and empathy are a soul virtue. Repeated abuse of others will be a huge regret on the other side.

Soul regret 5: choosing money / security over soul fulfillment. I’ll never forget when I first began exploring mediumship in 2014, the same time I was taking the insurance licenses to take over my dads insurance business, that he had taken over from his dad, who was in already passed on to the other side. also at the same time I was taking my first healing courses. I remember connecting with the grandfather, and he told me that I didn’t have to take over the business, you can do what you love, he said. I told my family that, no one believed me, they said; no way he would say that to you. But I KNEW that was what he said. And I had no intention at that point of not taking over the business. It took probably about 4 years from that point before I decided to use my gifts and abilities and start my own business as a healer, but now looking back, that guidance was spot on. We can get caught up in these bodies, in tradition, security, financial fears, and lose sight of what’s really important. Our unique individual purpose. Our soul will regret if we choose to sell our soul for money, ie choosing an unfulfilling job because it pays better. Not that money and security are bad, but it’s the means which we go about them, There is always a way to succeed with soul, and many souls are here to teach this now.

These regrets are not meant to make anyone feel bad, but just to bring clarity while we are in these physical bodies. There is sooooo much compassion from our souls though, we could have made all these wrong choices, and you can come back from anything! (except suicide- you can’t come back from that in the same body, sadly) So, if you’re still here, you CAN change.

That is all for now. 🙏💛 hope this helps bring clarity and lightbulb 💡 moments for you.


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