An activation of self love takes place, and with total neutrality, you just decide you don’t desire to be treated in a disrespectful manner, and simply won’t allow it any longer.

It’s not even about making another person wrong anymore, as you realize, when you come to this place, that from this level of self love, you wouldn’t be putting another down, so why would you allow it to yourself? Nothing personal, you just love yourself, you love others, and desire to exist in that frequency of loving-kindness with all.

It’s also an activation of sovereignty, recognizing your sovereign right to Exist as you Are, and be treated Lovingly, As You Are Now.

And with serious self reflection with all your actions, Am I being loving and kind truly? While having the boundaries set in place for my own self love to truly blossom. Many have been told to “be kind” without being told that they have the Sovereign right to exist authentically As they are, so they allow bullying or mistreatment as others see fit. That is not true kindness, as kindness to Self must begin first. It is unkind to yourself to allow abuse. Others not respecting who you uniquely are do not need to be coexisting in your frequency. This is not personal, we get to create our Joyful life with like vibrations.

We can have all types of different energies around us, and each soul is totally unique so you will never be around people identical to you. But, you always deserve the kindness and respect you give to everyone else. And the freedom to be You. The real Soul You.

You get to create your life now. When you heal the wounded inner child, you can allow your higher self and mother/father God to truly parent you in the loving-kind way your Soul deserves. One of the ways you can re-parent yourself is by cultivating a sacred space around you where kindness and acceptance of the Unique You is the norm from those closest to you. When you feel safe to be the Real you, you can blossom into your highest vision and true purpose here.


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