A deep peace wells up from within your soul.

You feel clarity on your life’s most challenging issues.

You feel strong and capable, as you’ve walked through the fire of your deepest darkness, endured incredible grief, sorrow, despair even, and yet – you have found the way to feel it all, process, and actually Heal.

It feels like a thousand pounds of weight has been lifted off of you.

Knowing that what EVER happens, you got this, you powerful healing god/goddess angel in human form!

This deep serenity, does not come from me, or your other mentors, it comes from YOU, activated in your truth and Soul power, through your personal spiritual connection.

It cannot be given, or taken away, it is all you, and there is a powerful confidence and certainty that comes from knowing this in every cell of your being.

You, an unshakeable rock!

A pillar of strength and inspiration, for your family, your clients, your friends, your community and the planet.

A magical energy emanates from you, but you have no ego about it, because the reason it is so magical, it is truly not you, but god, source, spirit, universe, working through you, every minute!

Your connection is stronger than ever.

This connection transcends anything physical that could ever give you security.

So, you live fearlessly, knowing, this deep Serenity, can never be taken from you.

There is no fear of loss, failure, nor disappointment, knowing that you are capable of extraordinary miracles and healing, no matter what!

So bring it on life’s challenges 😉

You have your personal healing method, you have your spiritual guidance, you have your access to your magical and miracle capabilities, you are SOLID.

It’s all good.

SERENITY is here, and I cannot wait to take you on the experience of lifetime!

To ReAwaken all of this.

And it will be like it never left you – it was truly within you all along!

From this place, you feel totally confident and capable to handle what ever life throws at you.

You become this bright light that others can turn to, emanating a deep peace, that is beyond this world. 

It feels so natural, like something clicks, of course, this is what you life was meant to be all along.

Are You Ready for Serenity?

“There’s so much to say about how much I got out of working with Britney Taylor the last 3 months. How can I possibly articulate that in a short and concise way. I’ve worked with coaches for 7 years but working with Britney was SO different. I’ve never felt more loved and supported by a coach. I feel like I’m walking away with a better understanding and relationship with my soul than I’ve ever experienced. This is divine integration. I feel so much less attached to outcomes than I’ve ever known and I’m up-leveling and attracting situations I’ve always deserved. I highly recommend working with her. This was also my first experience in having both 1:1 and voxer support and it was a total game changer to have both. I know I will continue to work with her in various capacities in the future.”

Jennifer Lancaster

Britney’s course was more than I could have anticipated. Some emotions that have taken me 16 years to fully feel and heal took just over 10 days! Without doing much. Simply allowing Brits trainings to infiltrate me. I feel lighter. Happier in my career and fully supported by my colleagues. I’ve attracted new friends who’ve shown me so much love! My business is also attracting new and former clients who I thought stopped paying attention to me! If you feel the spark to work with Britney – trust it ❤️

Kat Feeney

“Brit, I can’t thank you enough for all of your help inside the dream man plan. I joined because not getting married or having a family is one of my deepest fears. I’ve been really good at manifesting in every area of my life except for that. I saw immediate shifts after your first training and it blew my mind 🤯 my relationship has done a complete 360 and I owe that to you! I’m so much happier, thank you thank you thank you x 1000 ❤️ I know we will work together again in the future!”

Brittney Jones

Your Curriculum

Module 1 : What’s Blocking Your Serenity?
🙏 Why people don’t have serenity / true emotional healing
🙏 Why this is the hardest path
🙏 Why they don’t want you to know about this power
🙏 Why, positivity and law of attraction teachings don’t work by themselves
🙏 Energetic space setting and shielding
🙏 Truth activation

Module 2 : Inner Child Healing

🙏 Ancestral / genetic / DNA clearing simplified, step-by-step
🙏 Personal spiritual connection
🙏 How to make this work for you
🙏 Making your own process through your own God connection.
🙏 Live healing
🙏 Activation of new healing templates.

Module 3 : Emotional Pain Triggers

🙏 How to extract lessons and wisdom
🙏 How to drop triggers out of your energy field and body
🙏 Locating emotional pain triggers in the body
🙏 Soothing & healing both the energy & emotional bodies

Module 4: Your Unique Healing Gifts

🙏 Activation of your unique codes, so that you fit like a piece of a perfect puzzle in your life and the world
🙏 Clearing the persecution wound, and learning about what it is and how to deal with its effects
🙏 Working with your unique gifts, letting your own soul guide you to them.
🙏 Soul gifts meditation and activation

Module 5: Becoming Serene

🙏 Divine benevolence knowing and activation
🙏 Trusting in God’s divine masculine support.
🙏 Connecting with the Mother & Father god.
🙏 Miracle mindset activation.

“Brit knows her shit when it comes to understanding how creation really works in this world, and her ability to teach, coach and guide you back to the remembrance of how powerful you are in the creation of your relationships is powerful as fuck!

Even if you feel like you already have a good grasp on it, she’ll take you next level. 🔥

And results? Will blow your pretty little mind. 😎”

Amy Kiddie

“It is without hesitation that I recommend anyone wanting to work on attracting their heart’s desires to contact Britney. I found her Joy of Living VIP program to be enlightening, uplifting, and soul shifting. She genuinely wants her clients to experience more abundance in life. Furthermore, I participated in her Awaken Soul School & I’ve been able to think greater through aligning further in this program. No matter what’s happened in the past, I can take control of what I attract into my life. Britney has shed an enormous amount of shimmer onto soul awakening for me recently. I’m now feeling much more aware of just how important meditation is in our own creating. I would work with her again.”

Andrea Blackett

“Working with Britney was amazing. My energy instantly shifted and I started manifesting more joy into my life. Her vibe is so magnetic and I could feel that spill over into my own relationships. I have learnt so much about implementing law of attraction techniques into real life dating situations which is something I couldn’t quite wrap my head around in certain situations. I definitely recommend working with her and definitely will work with her again in the future. She is such an amazing coach I always felt comfortable in being vulnerable and open with her. She is amazing and has such a wealth of knowledge!”

Barbara Orban

Are You Ready for Serenity?

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My Story

I’m Britney Taylor, aka “BritSoul:” Spiritual coach, Healer of many modalities, Mother, widow and Astrologer.

I have been on the spiritual path since 2012 when I was 17, and I credit my spiritual awakening to saving me from going down a dark path at that time.

I began taking healing certifications in 2014 at 19 years old.

This is when I really began to feel like my true self in my true power.

My introduction to energy healing changed my life in an instant, feeling like an entirely different person in the same body, 1000 times lighter.

From this point I knew, even though I resisted it, that this was my life purpose, to show others how to heal in the same miraculous way I had!

I stayed devoted to this path, through many ups and downs, like recently in 2021 through the loss of the love of my life and becoming a widow, I have used my healing tools and knowledge to heal the deep pain of loss, and recover my soul self, which is so miraculous, but not surprising!

As I know the miracles true healing can produce.

I started my online business as a healer in 2018, and I have served hundreds of clients all over the world since then.

Two of my signature courses – Instant Healing & SerenityNow – are included with SERENITY at no extra charge – because they offer the perfect pre-work if you so desire.