The evil of this world will stop at nothing to quell the human spirit and Inner Joy that is natural to us all. But once you catch on to this fact, it becomes easier to rise above all that is designed to destroy your faith and close your heart. Once you can see the truth, and you recognize your soul is always coveted by these forces, you can truly cultivate your soul power, and nothing they could ever do can take this inner connection away from you. Nothing can ever take your inner joy away from you. Nothing can ever truly shut down your inner spark ⚡️ of light 💡, your True Self & SOUL! 💛This connection is internal. It is not dependant on any external force. These external events/ people that are housing evil, can try all they want to violate your soul/ hurt you etc, but they really are nothing compared to the power of your Soul and God!You can develop a daily practice to connect with this inner soul power to be able to withstand the soul abuse you will undoubtedly go through on this planet during your lifetime here. Daily meditation. Daily prayer. (In whatever way that looks like for you)Daily nature connection. Deep breathing . Physical exercise. Music. Whatever it is that makes YOU feel that connection to your own spirit and God, do THAT, and do it every day as a spiritual practice my loves💛💛💛🙏🙏🥰🥰🥰🥰mAffirm: there is NOTHING in this world that can EVER take away my connection to my Soul and God!My inner light 💡 shines like the sun ☀️ I am living a life from SOUL,and I honour my soul above all external forces.My connection to spirit becomes stronger every day. With my spiritual connection,I have the power to withstand any trauma this life will inevitably bring. With the power of God, I can ALWAYS rise above circumstances in my life designed to break me!Thank you God! And SO IT IS!☀️💛PS , I have 1:1 coaching spaces available, DM me to chat 💬 The vibe is soul connection, Joy activation, self love 💗, healing your heart and deeply connecting to your Truth.


Testimonial from one of my amazing soulmate clients 🥰🥰 “Britney is not just an amazing coach, she’s truly one of the best human beings I’ve ever met. I really don’t think you can find a coach with more wisdom, or with more genuine care of her clients. I have felt so deeply taken care of, and so seen, working with Britney. She came into my life at the perfect timing, and our work together has been powerful, and beyond what I could ever wish for. I feel so grateful that I found her, and that I got to work with her. She has impacted my life deeply and I am forever grateful. I will without doubt work with her again! If you feel the pull, and want healing, expansion, truth & magic, go for it. You won’t regret 🧡”-Lise Serina


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