If your loved ones don’t support or understand your spiritual mission, they will when they pass over to the next realm, And their souls do!

Keep going! You would be surprised at your overly materialistic/ patriarchal great grandfathers support of your spiritual mission, and even his help fulfilling it. I’ll never forget one of the first messages I received from my love in spirit, that didn’t do much to soothe me at the time but he said, “you were right about all this energy stuff.” Lol. He was a super 3D focused man in his lifetime and didn’t give much thought to the spiritual side of things, he always supported me but never really understood me. Well he does now. 🤣

Or even one of my first mediumship messages I ever received that made NO sense to me at the time, back in 2014 when I was starting my insurance career and reading my first book on mediumship at the time,I tuned into my grandfathers energy who started the insurance business He was likeYou don’t have to do this you can do what you love. I was like what 🤣🤣🤣🤣

That was so far out of my life “plan” at the time. What I loved was the spiritual work, the healing energy, speaking, writing , teaching etc, how tF could I do that??? No one can do that . I have to do this other thing that was already planned out for me. Duh. 🤣

Well here We are now. And look what I’m doing. What I love.

The spiritual path may not give you much support physically. you may be totally hated for it, by certain people in this physical realm (NOT their higher selves or souls however)But trust that you have spiritual support BEYOND what you could even imagine!!! ✨I’m talking ancestors, loved ones passed, Angels, guides, spirit teams, star family etc

And this is actually how you seem to have this magical ability to overcome all this crap this physical life will throw at you, BECAUSE of your spiritual support. Keep going. I know it’s hard because we aren’t living in a world of fully awakened souls yet on this planet.

But you ARE supported. And maybe it’s time to cultivate that connection with your spiritual aspects, to really FEEL how supported you are.

I can help with this!

Message me to chat 💬 about 1:1 coaching with me, we merge the spiritual/ physical realms! ✨🙏🌎💛Big hugs and sending waves of golden loving light 💡💛💛XoBrit


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