I do believe you can have absolute healing and resolution over issues and emotional patterns in your life that are no longer serving you, through the power of your soul and source connection ☀️

While you may never be fully “healed” as there is always more- yay- so start having fun with the process of healing

😉, however we are not meant to stay looping!

In my life I have literally died to old selves based off emotional wounding, hundreds of times! I am not who I was! I am completely transformed over certain issues.

Literally the opposite of what I once felt!

I have done this on overdrive since my partner died- it’s like healing has sped up and I am rapidly transforming like magic – I credit some of this to his help from spirit 💎 and also the acceleration of light frequencies right now on the planet ☀️

The grieving process brings up strong emotions and if we fully surrender to god and our souls healing power I believe we can have massive upgrades during it; as we can process so many fears so fast 💨

This is a miracle truly !!! ☀️🙏💛

So my Message is, do not accept fears, emotional blockages as absolute facts and truths of you – they can be Transformed and transmuted with your souls healing powers activated / all through god / source ☀️

You can completely dissolve entire false selves built upon these fears as well, and become an entirely new identity that comes from your SOUL,

not your fears and emotional blockages taken on from trauma or past life/ inherited genetic lineage stuff 🧬

The power of Your true light 💡 is immeasurable



I was just saying how all these challenges that have come up since my partner died that felt impossible to resolve , I pray about, I continue my daily meditation and fear removal process, and one by one I live in the compete resolution of these fears

I am completely born again. I feel entirely different. I keep transforming and clearing fears one by one, my physical life is the living proof of this.

It is SUCH a miracle!!!!

Stay devoted to your healing. Stay believing in miracles. You can have healing and resolution , and yea there will be more that comes up, but entire false selves can be dissolved into light, entire realities birthed and destroyed through releasing / transmuting these outdated patterns!

Keep at it my loves 💛🙏🙏☀️

And I am here for you 🙏💎💡💛



Ps: Are you ready to awaken your authenticity to a whole other level?

Are you ready to live your souls blueprint 💛 empowered in healing yourself, clarity on your Truth & Mission here, and activate a deep serenity no matter what??!!!🙏

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