You are so much more than you think you are. 💫🙌💎💖💡👑💛🙌💜

I used to actually think I was destined for heartbreak and loneliness in life because of certain astrological placements and the general way I had always felt.

I thought I was unworthy and ugly even (WTf)I actually thought my sensitive and spiritual nature was a curse and separating me from others rather than my ENTIRE REASON for being! 💡

My life has been a practice of transmutation and transformation. Dark to light 💡

What changed everything for me???? Soul connection. Source connection. Energetic Healing. The spiritual realms.

Integrating it all with the physical. I share this to bring hope and awareness of the power of soul and healing… because I don’t even relate to the person I used to be.

There has been so much transformation there are certain aspects of myself that I thought were me that weren’t even me at all but energies I had taken on.

My actual soul energy is such a higher aspect of self, it blows my mind.

You were never meant to stay stuck in emotional traumas your entire life.

There is a higher aspect of you that can be brought in and integrated that will heal your life. You don’t have to know how right now. You just have to open your mind. And ask 💫

Decide you’re worthy of a good life, or an amazing one actually.

Open your mind to the resolution of your life’s major challenges, for the good of all.Because you are here with a healing soul, that will help so many.

So for yourself, and for the people you’re meant to help, ask God / soul today, “guide me to the resolution of my major challenges.

I am ready for transformation and transmutation.

I am ready to access my true soul power and soul gifts 🎁

I am ready for my highest timeline where I’m serving others in the way only I can.I am ready for MORE.

More of the real me.I am ready to live as my soul EMBODIED.Guide me. Thank you God. And SO IT IS.” Xo

And remember,You came for the Joy of Living,


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