Some of us that hold the warrior for the light 💡🦁 mission have to use all of our might and strength to actually face the darkness and depravity held within human consciousness and tell it NO,

Speak the truth in its face

Cut it off from its Source

Cut its head off, energetically.

This will lead us to be right inside of it at times; witnessing the grotesque creatures spawned from the lower aspects of non human demonic energy.

Forces of greed, lust, hatred, fear, spawned into disgusting energies spewing from human vessels. Those that have completely allowed themselves to be taken over by fallen consciousness coming at us; as if they have some kind of superiority; when it fact it is the complete opposite.

No one is superior or inferior at the soul level,

But god consciousness is far superior to demonic forces.

It will feel so uncomfortable at times, causing fear to rise up within you even, as these energies can be truly disgusting and even downright scary.

But you have to stand up for what’s right.

You have to speak the truth even when it’s uncomfortable and you’re being attacked left right and centre.

You have to stand for GOD, TRUTH , HUMAN SOVEREIGNTY and LIBERATION as that is your entire reason for incarnation into this shit show reality with varying energetic frequencies.

There is a divine justice returning here and sometimes we as humans incarnated have to be the ones to motherf*cking DELIVER it!

Now is the time to stand your ground, stand up for yourselves. Don’t let bullies push you into giving an inch of your sovereignty away!

You are so powerful.

They would like you to believe you aren’t, but that’s only because you standing in your true power is EVICTING these lower formed energies off this planet!

They are motherf*cking DONE here.

Great work WARRIORS of the light 💡

And stay strong 💪




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