True healing comes from spiritual realms, and that’s why anyone who says anything along these lines gets attacked / persecuted for it on this planet, because there are forces who do not want humanity to achieve true healing.

When you start talking about mediumship or spirits, people of all walks of life get triggered. Religious programming will say you’re a witch, so that you never achieve the true peace that comes from cultivating your own PERSONAL god connection ,not from their shame based programming system.

Non-awakened and unconscious ones will laugh and make fun of you for relying on spiritual energies for healing when they rely on the satanic medical structure that causes a lot more harm than they cure. They will likely never admit or be able to see that though as this programming runs deep and started long before our lifetime here when Rockefellers took over the medical industrial complex and replaced natural and harmless cures with profitable and harmful pharmaceuticals.

If you are a voice that speaks on any of the insanity above; be prepared for a slew of hateful energy being thrown at you, as these structures run deep, and when you actually start making headway healing on this planet, people less far along as you on the spiritual path are literally programmed to attack you.
Similar to the witch burning’s that took place hundreds of years ago, the energetic signature is the same when you own / activate your spiritual gifts in this lifetime.

I do feel this is literally changing as we speak and us who are on the path of actually helping and healing humanity are going to have an easier time at some point…. Likely soon.
But it has not been easy up until this point for the reasons above.

As dire as it can seem and feel sometimes, trust yourself and your own inner knowing on the spiritual progress you’ve made above anything anyone says or any energetic attack that gets thrown at you for speaking your truth.
The truth is coming out now on all levels and each one of our individual voices IS helping.

Keep going. Keep shining. Keep being the voice of reason & true healing/ sanity.

The tables are turning , fast 💨
The true light warriors are rising in power and the systems built on lies ARE falling. Trust in that my loves.


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