The North and south nodes in astrology 🌟

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In my opinion, the most important points in your natal chart are the North and south nodes! 💛Whenever I am doing someone’s chart, I always spend the most time talking about these two points: as I find the polarity between these two energies always playing out at some level!

The north node shows where the soul intends to go in this lifetime, the path of true fulfilment, although not always easy!It is always directly opposite the South node,. The south node is the point of comfort, it shows our ingrained habit patterns; what comes naturally to us; where we maybe have some giftedness as well, but if we stay there in this lifetime , it will ultimately lead to stagnation! As our soul is always PULLING us towards our North Node potential! 🌟

Sometimes it can feel like our soul is dragging us kicking and screaming to our north node and we resist it with so much effort 😆 Because at the personality level we value comfort and there is a sense of the North node path being soooo terrifying. It challenges our ego in a big way.Because it is the path of the soul or higher self!

My north node is in Scorpio ♏️ and my south node is in Taurus ♉️ Scorpio energy is always pulling me towards depth and intensity. I truly believe it’s my north node that called me to the healing path; or even to astrology too. My Taurus south node (and sun also Taurus ♉️☀️) would love to just bask in the pleasure and sensuality of life. Focusing on more superficial aspects. But my north node in Scorpio will not stand for that crap; not in this lifetime, we’re not here for it 🤣🤣It’s gotta be about soul growth, the deeper things, life, death, being reborn, and as much as I don’t want to be this person sometimes (my south node would love to just chill. Omg 😆) I HAVE TO! Because it’s my SOUL pulling me forward into my destiny 🌟

I love to study these points in others charts! You will always see this dynamic playing out on some level. And I would say the more awakened the soul is; the more the North node path has been chosen / worked towards! And the south node qualities have been integrated to a higher level!💛💛💛


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