🤍Steps to clarity of soul purpose / mission here💛 :

1. Spend time daily, non negotiable, in quiet reflection, awareness of the inner world, pondering, and intuiting what the inner being is feeling. Asking for clarity, ask to be shown answers to what you are confused about in your life, reoccurring patterns, and Inner soul qualities wanting to be expressed through you.

2. Make it a priority to heal the emotional patterns you have lived with / are living with. The “triggers”. The karmic pattern of the family you incarnated into. Follow your soul where you are guided to for healing; the path is unique to everyone. As you heal the limitations and patterns you’ve taken on from society or your genetic lineage, the soul mission you were born for will become clear as a byproduct of the healing you’ve done. The healing you do will be related to what you service is on this planet.

3. Develop your own spiritual connection to Your Source / God in your own perfect way; and make this a number one priority as well. Work with clearing religious programming if needed so you can make this connection as personalized as possible. Work with clearing trust issues here. You need to feel not alone or unsupported here in this realm to be able to fully fly 🦋 into your true mission. You are supported and never separated from your Source. Clear and reprogram anything in the way of this divine knowing. 🤍💛

This is just a quick list that came to mind, but in following the first step, your own unique path will be shown to you. You have all the answers you could ever need within, it’s just up to you opening the channel so the wisdom can flow through you!

So much love 🤍💛 to you all. 🙏



And PS: 🤍 I have space open in my 3 month and 6 month 1:1 coaching containers, Dm me if you feel the soul pull to work together 1:1. The vibe is Soul Reconnection and Activation 💡 Deep healing and Aligning with your highest timeline of Soul service. Doing the soul work you uniquely came to do. Manifestation and god / Source connection 💡🙏☀️


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