Reclaiming what was stolen.

A big message I’ve been receiving lately is that what I am doing now energetically (and collectively what is also happening on a bigger scale) is a Restoration. A restoration of what humanity once was. In other realms. In ancient civilizations (lemuria etc)A restoration of the energies I had cultivated in my life, (harmonious union, Joy, bliss, soul love etc) On this planet, we are intermingled with various energies and frequency levels.

There are very low vibrational frequencies that exist here, so low or “dark”, that they are basically demonics, they were not human ever, but we co exist with many frequencies like this. Also lower frequency humans that live in the energy of abuse or self abuse, hatred, fear, greed, malice etc. Energetically there are many realities we can tap into. And we have the free will choice to choose higher or lower. because of our amnesia on this planet, many humans walk around with zero awareness of auric hygiene, or about frequency levels.

With not having emotional awareness, or self awareness or soul or spiritual awareness; many people are unknowingly, and rather innocently really, since they do not know any better, housing these demonic energies.

Many of the traumas we live through, are because people are actually housing a non human energy or entity.

Abuse, (no soul connected not-possessed human would ever abuse another! This is a non human energy.)

Addictions, (Lisa Renee stated around 70% percent of addiction and why it’s so hard to break is because the person is housing a slew of negative attachments in their aura; and by just clearing them alone, 70% of the addiction wound would be healed. I feel in my soul this is a very accurate description. And I can vouch for this. Once I learnt about energy clearing and cleared my field, I felt like a complete different person and I didn’t have addictive tendencies ever again.)

So, many of the realities we can find ourselves living in, or timelines, can be inorganic. Meaning; they were not ever really our highest timeline or divine plan.

But due to these inorganic structures that exist in this realm, which is a big soup bowl of energies of all kind containing all kinds of demonics, possessed people, traumas caused by people living in this energetic muck etc, we are now living a lower timeline that was never intended by god.

Right now energetically, (and at any time we decide to) we are RECLAIMING and RESTORING our soul particles/ fragments that were stolen due to the dark force on this planet we co exist with& By the unhealed person(s) who caused our trauma in this lifetime.We can now call back all of the pieces of your soul, that were lost due to these traumas of being here. 💫

We can now Reclaim our organic soul signature, our true soul gifts 🎁 and purpose here. Who we would actually be had we lived with full connection and awareness of God, our soul, and the truth of what has happened here all along!💫

Because time is all happening NOW in the quantum field, as we do this energetic work; we are Rewriting our realities!It’s a resurrection of the true divine human blueprint of humanity 💫☀️🙏💛

And one of my soul gifts here is to restore this in your very being. Who were you before all the trauma?Who is your higher self, your soul self; and what unique frequency code do you embody without even trying? That is what you need to Remember and Reactivate. 💛

And the process of getting there is clearing energies/ bringing light in.Clearing negative energies, clearing thoughtforms from societal beliefs, clearing ancestral miasma you took on from your bloodline you incarnated into, clearing and sealing auric leaks and tears, and then with a clearing of all that is inorganic, there is space for the restoration of the organic blueprint and templates of your Soul. 💛

A lot of the energetic muck you find yourself living in, was not even yours to begin with (not from god or your soul) but from these inorganic structures you’ve taken on through your family line or through these manipulative energies. Once we realize this, we can prioritize clearing these out, easily, and then not paying much attention to these false realities that these energies created. Focusing all our energy on the new timeline. The Soul aligned path. The divine plan.

If there’s any situation in your life that’s just a repeating energy drain or painful trigger, you CAN clear out the trigger (this is not a bypassing of the energies you find yourself living in- it’s a transmutative process )And once you clear this trigger/ energy out, you can then Embody more of your Souls light 💡 which then allows the highest timeline to unfold, and the lower frequencies to fall away, gone in the wind 💨 poof!


I truly believe we are not meant to suffer and struggle here, while it is inherent in this world, it was never “meant to be” this way.

Many are realizing this now. That with simple adjustments, energy work, and god connection, we can actually live a more higher frequency life. That’s why there’s so many lightworkers, healers, and spiritual teachers right now. collectively this is a mass awakening to our true power and light 💡It is truly an incredible time to be alive.

And I hope you never forget your Souls power and light 💡

And I hope you can continue to believe, as hard as it can get here. That you ARE impacting many with your dedication to your healing and the spiritual path!💫💫🙏

WE are the awakening. And it is the clearing work that we do, that clears our genetic lineage for generations to come!

WE are birthing a new world. And YOU, as a healer and soul connected individual are a BIG & IMPORTANT part of this!!!

And I’m sending you soooo much love and healing golden light 💡💛💛💫💫💫

And PS: If you are so ready to transmute and transform your energy field to allow more of your Souls light 💡💛☀️To allow the highest timeline/ divine plan of your life to unfold. with ease & grace 🙏Dm me to chat 💬 about 1:1 coaching with me.


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