When you decide you want transformation of something in your life, your soul and positive god forces line up for you to deliver the energetic Reality of what you are seeking.

But the trick is, you must Allow the Higher Mind/ Knowing / Spiritual sentience to be awakened in order to feel the path to healing and next steps for you.

All transformation begins at the energetic level.

If you are wanting an emotional healing, you must find the cause of the pattern, and change the record/ memory of where it came from. Ie, a deep fear of speaking up for yourself, going after what YOU really want, what is the root of that? You ask yourself. As you quiet your mind, you find yourself in a memory of when you were 3 Years old, and your parents told you, kids are seen and not heard, ie, shut up!

Now, back in this memory you can through quantum healing ❤️‍🩹 give this 3 year old child what she needed, let her speak. Bring in the light of god to heal / transmute : clear this limited patterning. You will know this has worked when the emotional charge around the belief is gone, and you feel completely different.

Healing has worked when you feel completely different emotions than what has plagued you for lifetimes.

This is possible and available for all.

It doesn’t require any external help or support either, we can heal ourselves on our own, it’s our divine right.

But it can definitely be extremely helpful to work with someone else! And trust where you are guided at all times.

Sometimes you will be guided to have some time on your own with your inner self and your spiritual guides to work on healing your limited patterning,

Other times you will be guided to work with even multiple mentors at once!!

Just know, you are not stuck. You are always being guided. It just takes a bit of relearning how to actually follow / trust the soul guidance, that doesn’t come from the 3D mind we’ve been trained in here, but from the soul consciousness which is all heart – based intuition!

Big hugs.



PS I have space open in my 3 month and 6 month 1:1 coaching containers, Dm me if you feel the soul pull to work together 1:1. The vibe is Soul Reconnection and Activation 💡 Deep healing and Aligning with your highest timeline of Soul service. Doing the soul work you uniquely came to do. Manifestation and god / Source connection 💡🙏☀️


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