Something I’ve been shown recently by spirit is that there can be certain people who act as a blockage to your souls evolution.
There can be a few of these people, unbeknownst to them, placed in your life that pull on your past patterns, lower/karmic self, and pull you back into a lower timeline that ends up causing soul fragmentation (splitting the physical self apart from the spiritual self. So that you end up not living your true divine soul mission in this lifetime; or it gets put off.)

Just as people can be a catalyst for your highest evolution, (mentors/ healers/ the right love relationship/ friends/ guides/ pets / supportive family etc.) ,
People can also misguide you, and pull you away from your truth and soul.

You know those people that when your around them, you regress into a lower self? Either you’re pulled into self destructive habits (partying/ drinking/ drugs)
Or you’re pulled into gossiping about others,
Or another pattern that you’ve spent a long time working on healing, then you get around certain people and BAM 💥 you’re right back where you started. It’s like their mere frequency causes a DeEvolution on your healing journey.

Now, there’s different levels of this. Some people can have multiple effects on you, and most do, bringing out positive and negatives of eachother, and when both people choose to align with their highest path, the relationship remains beneficial, even if it was destructive at one time.

Then there are those who are not choosing the highest path. They are choosing a lower timeline and you’re trying to choose the higher, these people can act as an energetic magnet for you to be pulled back, especially when you have not built a strong spiritual foundation, and you are early on in your healing journey.

As you are gaining strength and momentum in your healing journey, it is wise to stay away from people who pull you back into your old selves.

It doesn’t have to be personal to them, it is usually not that they are intending to take you off your soul path. But they are, and so you have to honour YOU, and remove these people from your life.
Maybe when you have gained some more spiritual strength you can have them back in your life and become a positive influence on them, but maybe they will never align with your new frequency.
It’s not up to you to decide who comes with you to your soul aligned life.

The people around us can literally make or break us.
When we are building spiritual strength, choosing our soul path, there is a period in between two worlds, and in this period we must be very careful who we allow in our physical/ emotional / spiritual/ mental space.

Hope this can bring some clarity 💡




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