“Of myself I can do nothing, but God within me can and IS performing miracles in my life now”

A prayer that I have said for years came into my mind today, when I was staring out into the forest, looking for guidance on what to “do” today, what to write about, what to focus on. Dougy only naps one time in the day usually, so I was trying to figure out the best use of my time even though nothing creatively was flowing through… That’s when this came to my mind.

I have memorized many of these prayers from a book called, “instant healing “ I have been saying prayers from since I got it in 2013.

“Of myself I can do nothing; but God within me can and IS performing miracles on my life.”

Now, also coming to mind as I write this a quote from my soulmate mentor Katrina ruth “there is nothing you need to do. But there is always action to take.

”God is always speaking to me, speaking through me, and through other people.

And today the message was so strong:“Stop trying to “do” from your human mind. Give your worries to Me and I will use you as the vessel for divine intelligence.”So, what I’m trying to say is, “doing” from your human self alone is not the answer.

But, sinking in to that feeling of Source connection. Being that vessel for love 💗 and truth from God. And from that place, the action will be clear to take.

Not, trying to figure out what action to take from the mind alone.

Getting quiet, praying “God what is my best action to take right now?”“Use me as a vessel for your love and healing power. I am here to serve my Source.”Opening to receive the God guidance, and acting on it when you do receive it!That is how to activate miracles in your life.

“Of myself I can do nothing” (my human mind alone.)“But god Within me can and Is performing miracles in my life.”

(By my asking and then acting on the god guidance I receive.”)

My god guidance of what to “do” in this time, was to write this. And it came into my mind, I heard it over and over, (clairaudience.) once I asked.

In times of confusion : Step 1 : Ask god. Step 2: open to receive god guidance Step 3: ACT on the guidance (god is not passive. Creation is very much active and flowing!!!)I hope this inspires and connects you to your very own God guidance today.

XoYou came for the Joy of Living,


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