With these unprecedented energies on the planet right now, and always, it’s so important us as healers focus our energies where they can be best utilized!

We are going to be seeing people who have not been focused on their own inner healing completely losing it in some cases, and we will want to help them, but we need to focus on who actually WANTS help and is COMMITTED to change!

“You can lead a horse to water but can’t get him to drink” etc.

The saviour complex needs to be DELETED off this planet.

Because ultimately our own healing comes down to the work we do on OURSELVES!

No healer is “healing you” if you don’t have to will to heal and aren’t making the CHOICE to heal. It won’t work!

And some of us have been in this personal healing game for a long time, and we are surrounded by people just waking up to this kinda thing!

The way we can actually be the MOST HELPFUL is to TEACH our processes!

Teach people how to heal THEMSELVES.

And that’s why naturally a lot of us on this path will step into teaching and leadership roles!

Not because we want to! Our ego mind and human self will fight it all the time! You guys don’t realize how much I do not want to be this person at times! But it’s not my human running this show it’s my SOUL!

My first mission is to be of SERVICE!

And yea a healing session with someone who’s invested can make a MIRACULOUS shift in some cases!

But ultimately it comes down to the WORK that person is doing every day!💛🙏

There are no saviours! We all have to prioritize our own healing right now.

And us that have been doing this for awhile, have to be the WAYSHOWER and GUIDE 💛

And recognize when our guidance is falling on deaf ears. And sadly, recognize the FREE WILL people have on this planet! We can’t force our healing on anyone, so might as well focus our energies where they can be the most useful!

The reason why I’m able to heal and process things so fast 💨 is because of the decisions I’ve made in my life that PROMOTE healing!

I love working with mentors and healers and I ALWAYS will but it works for me because I do the work too!!! I am dedicated to this and have been for years!

If everyone came into this world with a manual on healing and emotional processing it would be a different story here.

But there’s not so It’s up to you if you’ve made some progress in your spiritual evolution to TEACH!

Spiritual Wayshowers ACTIVATE💡💛🙏




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