Motherhood is the greatest joy in my life 👼

And I have had a lot of joys in my life so that is saying a lot!💛

It was really something my soul needed to do. It was what purified my soul completely. It took me to an entirely new higher version of myself, and continues to day by day.

I am not the same person I was before motherhood, all that was no longer serving my highest soul expression fell away. And I’m not even who I was a year ago, as I continue to purify through this devoted love for my baby.🙏

When you get the soul knowing you’re meant to be a parent, trust that.

Those who are really made for it can struggle more as there are forces that do not want children to have happy childhoods and parents to be in beautiful unions. It’s worth fighting for.

While it is sad every day his daddy is not with us earthside, I am still so grateful every day he gave me this beautiful gift 🎁 of life 💛

Which ended up totally transforming me too!

Baby Souls choose their parents . It’s a soul contract to come into this physical body and it’s not taken lightly. There is healing for all. Children come to heal us too.

And we give them the vessel for physical expression.

Every day I am so grateful for Dougys beautiful. Shining. Happy. Intelligent. Stubborn. Soul.

I so enjoy our time. It’s so much work too and I feel I am a pretty hands on mom. Together all the time only apart when I get my parents to baby sit !

& Still on the boob over 2 years later 🤣🙏

But omg.

This was exactly what my soul needed so bad.

So grateful for his beautiful soul but also the purification process my soul went through in this journey into motherhood

Any other mamas feel like motherhood is absolutely the best and greatest joy you ever could’ve had? And it healed your soul completely


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