A word I keep hearing from spirit in reference to timelines / potential realities we can be living in is malleability,
And that’s the word spirit wants me to use for some reason.

Something damaging to the soul in the spiritual communities is when there is this concept that everything is “fated” or set in stone, and at no control of us at all, so might as well just coast along and not bother with anything at all

Or In more 3D level, the concept that things are just a certain way “and that’s just the way it is” so don’t bother with spiritual healing at all, or don’t bother trying to change anything. It’s all set it stone

What I’m feeling is a big message coming through lately is that the timelines we are living are far more malleable than most realize..

It is really up to the frequency we are living in moment by moment; what reality ends up being ours. And the choices we are making moment to moment as well!💛

(And this are going to differ drastically in those on the higher timeline vs those without developed spiritual awareness / god connection.)

Negative forces use drugs and addictive substances to keep people looping in painful timelines without their consent of this. Any effort to “escape” a painful emotion or external reality can be used to further devolve a soul until the soul/ spirit connection is so severed that it becomes very challenging (though not impossible) for a person to spiritually grow / heal and become the highest version of themselves required for their actual god given mission .

Another message I keep getting around this malleability is that even those seemingly gone far off the path, their souls can still potentially be rehabilitated.
And God / Source gives many many many chances, even those in the greatest darkness and soul disconnection can still choose God / LIFE and to go down the spiritual path, so the best thing you can do for people who’ve seemingly lost the plot or deep in suffering / addictions and basically a body without a soul in there, is pray for them and visualize their highest self / soul and trust in divine miracles that are possible in humans.
That is one of the greatest blessings of being a human is that we literally can be the exact opposite of what we once were. We can transform completely in one body. We can go from the depths of darkness into the brightest light 💡 That is the power of the spark of God within us all! ☀️🙏💛😁
Now with this in mind,
It’s a good idea (alongside with your in depth emotional clearing & healing practices)
To spend time daily envisioning / embodying / feeling what your highest timeline would be.
You at your best, most Source connected, Soul embodied beautiful expression of your purity ☀️ would be
On the other side of the emotional struggles you have lived for potentially lifetimes.
Your heroic self 💛

As you continue to devote to your personal healing & God connection this version of you CAN be! ☀️

It can be so hard sometime to even envision what we could be like without some of these struggles and complexes we’ve had, because in some cases we have had them for soooooo long (thousands of years even if you count other lifetimes 😉)
But things are really not set in stone,
Timelines are malleable as ever 😉

You will see your victory over the darkness that has plagued you and humanity forever, in this lifetime. 🙏☀️💛
Trust. Believe.
And pray for all humanity that they may experience their heroic probability as well. ☀️🙏💛

Sending massive hugs and waves 🌊 of healing Miracle light 💡
So much Love 💛




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