This is something that I really see a lot of people are struggling with…

The art of allowing people to be good to you 💛💛

Do you ever feel less loved than others, looked over, not important, not valued by those you value? Feeling like people don’t do the same for you as you would do for them…I can so relate, I used to feel this, (it felt very real – but was mostly made up in my head..) That ping in your heart, when you are wanting a certain response from someone, validation, love, appreciation, commitment and you’re met with : the opposite. And boom 💥 it crushes you 😞

I’m here to tell you that you CAN change this feeling – from within, and it changes your relationship dynamics! Your whole life experience can change when you learn the art of ALLOWING people to be good to you. You are in control here, you always are.

Here’s 2 tips to shift into feeling loved/ adored / respected and appreciated by others.

Obviously 1st things 1st. You must 1️⃣ Love, appreciate; respect and adore yourself. This may seem like basic and obvious advice. But how often do you really look into the mirror in your own eyes and say “I LOVE YOU. IM PROUD OF YOU. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING. Etc. Develop a FUN practice of appreciating yourself. Something that you feel joy in doing daily. When you feel these inner feelings of self love and inner respect, the outer world reflects that

.2️⃣ Expect people to love you/respect you/consider you/appreciate you etc. Your expectation is a powerful force. Expect that good things just happen to you. People are good to you. Life loves you. Every day remember times when this was in fact true. What you focus on expands, focus on every single moment of your life where you WERE adored, and you will call more of those moments into the present. (From a quantum perspective, there is only now. And you are always calling in your next moment reality, from the energy you are being and thinking about NOW.) so think of those experiences, (or make them up!) where you were so loved, adored, appreciated and respected. And for the love of god, tune out every single time you weren’t. Do NOT give those moments ANY precious air time in your powerful, creative mind.

Do these two things consistently and in time, not that long, sometimes even instantly, you will see a shift in your relationships, but you must shift those inner feeling states first!! 💛


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