Happy Father’s Day in heaven babe 💎💛🥹🌹💛

While my heart aches we only had 2 Father’s Days together with you here, 😭 my heart is so filled with gratitude that we had the time that we did together as a family.

I am so grateful that Dougy was born to parents so in love and so ecstatic to have him. I know that will be imprinted on his subconscious.

Yet I wish everyday we could’ve had more time with you physically here. & You talk to me and tell me you’re not gone and you’re more here than you ever were, Meaning spiritually your presence is so strong.

We have grown In Ways I didn’t realize possible. So many telepathic connections and love energetically so strong 💗

Yet the grief of physically missing you is still always there. I am grateful for our Soul connection. I’m grateful your Dougys father and I will never stop talking about you to him 🥰🙏💛😁🌹

We Love you Da Da and we’re taking good care of your other babies too 🐶

I wish for everyone missing their dad or husband in heaven today that they can spiritually connect with their presence 💎 it is truly such a miracle 🥹💛🙏💎⭐️Family is forever. Soul love 💗 is ETERNAL 💛💎🙏💗🥰Love you my soulmate in heaven. 💎🌹💛🙏


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