When I think of certain choices I’ve made in my life that I feel are what allowed my SOUL to develop a stronger connection with me, it was always things that were outside the box, coming from within, “different” than anything anyone I knew in this physical life was doing.

I truly believe connecting with our unique soul is what allows us to live more peacefully, joyfully and in FLOW.

But we are born with amnesia of this, and there are many other choices (not soul aligned choices) that appear more “normal” or are pushed onto us by well-meaning (sometimes) friends or family.

If we allow ourselves to get quiet, and listen to the voice of our HEART ♥️ this is how our SOUL speaks to us, and is guiding us to a more fulfilling life.

My soul guided me to astrology at 15, I went to the bookstore and began my journey within through studying the astrology chart of myself and everyone I knew. No one I knew was doing this. No one told me to do it. It was kinda “different “ but I always went to the beat of my own drum anyways.

My soul guided me to my first energy healing course a few years later at 19. With the amazing Kelly kiss. My first healing session and then I knew I had to be a practitioner of theta healing!

This was so different than anything anyone I knew was doing. My soul guided me to it and I went all in. This allowed me to feel like a completely different person. So many soul aspects were born from this.

Then starting my own online business, working with online coaches to figure out how it all worked. This was another thing I didn’t know anyone in my physical life doing, but I had to. My soul pulled me to it and this allowed me to connect with so many likeminded souls and actually help people in the way my soul was made to!

Where our soul is guiding us is not usually where we came from, or what we “know” from a 3D logical mind, but it is the only thing that truly makes “sense” to our HEARTS!

Heart based and soul based living will HEAL humanity. And that is what us healers and light workers are on a MISSION to anchor here!

Do your part by listening and following the guidance of your soul my loves 💛☀️🙏

Ps I can help ! Dm me to chat about 1:1 coaching with me 💛 spaces in my 3 and 6 month VIP packages are available ! ☀️


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