Align with the divine will to receive miracles 💫

I have a spiritual practice of aligning my personal will to the divine will. I’ve been saying a prayer on this for years.

Along the lines of “I allow my highest good now.Thy will not my will in all situations in my life,I let go and let god handle it all”a deep surrendering into the divine will.

I believe this is what allows miracles to unfold.There is a higher intelligence always at work. We don’t always know everything, (lol )

Our personal will, wants, desires, are all good to have don’t get me wrong. But to have true inner peace and actual trust and faith in god, we have to surrender to the divine will.

We can say a prayer for what we want; then add, “if it’s my highest good at this time,Or If it’s gods will.”I did this with an ex I wanted back years ago; so sure we were gonna get back together; but I recognized the futility of this, so I said a prayer, coming deeply from my heart energy, Please god bring him to me if it’s your will, or bring me what/ who is my highest good and most compatible soulmate at this time. I am ready for a real relationship. 2 weeks later my new soulmate was there. 💎This WORKS haha 😂

But I had to surrender my personal will; which was a bit off, with what I thought I wanted; but was not what my soul actually Needed!

and I am sure I will use it again for a relationship when I am ready for that again! 😁🙏Now, I am doing this practice with all situations in my life, as my whole future is up in the air now, so many uncertainties.So I come back to this practice again and again. 💛💛🙏🙏

I have had many miracles lately, big and small; but only after I had to completely surrender to god; Released the anxiety Decided I will be fine no matter what happens, even if all my worst fears are manifested. (This is easier for me now because my worst fear already did happen!)By being okay with the worst, knowing that you are an immortal soul and will always live on no matter WHAT,But then claiming the highest good for yourself and all situations in your life, Thy will not my will!This is the way to allow miracles into your life!

Even in the even you are living your worst fear (I am) God can STILL align you with many blessings. God can make miracles out of anything.

Hugs to all. 💛If you desire 1:1 support to activate this miracle frequency in your life, Dm me to chat about 1:1 coaching with me.

XoBrit ☀️🙏💛


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