Activate the Inner Sun

a 5 Week Online Course with Britney Taylor

the vibe is: 

unique soul frequency activation
using your inner sunlight to transmute energy
heart healing
inner child / past life healing
-emotional healing
-Joyful spirit activation no matter what you’re going through
Hello beautiful soul!
I am Britney Taylor, Healer, mother ,life coach and recent widow.
Activate the Inner Sun has been inspired by my recent thoughts of how I have been able to help myself and my clients find their inner light within. Since the traumatic loss of the love of my life in the physical, I have been really feeling into my own energy, my own inner light, and thinking about how I’ve been able to be such a happy person since being on my healing journey. And how I am able to get through this, darkest time in my life, completely sober and reliant on my inner healing practices.
What has really allowed me to free myself from the limited thoughtforms and allow my inner joy to radiate out from my being.. has been through activating this inner sun within my heart.
We all have an inner sun. A unique soul spark within. An inner light, an inner fire  divine creativity. It can even be felt as a physical heat at times (I am usually hot physically haha )
Once we connect to and activate this inner sun. It doesn’t ever burn out. We can be going through hardships and like me I am going through the worst possible event ever in my life right now but still my inner light does not go out. Not to say I don’t deeply feel the devastation and grief, I do, but I still am able to keep my joyful spirit regardless. Because I’ve done the healing work to allow this inner sun to activate. 
Inner child healing is a big part of it. Healing / freeing the inner child will allow the divine creativity out that we are born with, before we got traumatized out of expressing our true self. When we reparent the inner child that’s been told she’s not good enough or that her unique creativity and gifts don’t matter, we can free her and allow ourselves to be our true self. Which allows our heart to expand in JOY, and voila the inner sun has been activated. This is a big part of our unique soul mission and gifts, allowing ourselves to be our unique individual selves!
This is the vibe of this brand new live course with me.

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