Britney Taylor


I’m Britney Taylor.
Healer. Life coach.

Certified hypnotherapist and Reiki Master Teacher. Theta Healer. And here to empower you to LIVE IN JOY.

My dreams used to feel so far. And impossible. For someone so ugly, unworthy, clearly unlovable and useless! (I had self-worth issues majorly.)

Even though deep down I knew it was meant for me, that I was actually an expert on this shit, and that one day I would be teaching on it!

After many heartbreaks, lonely, crying nights and rejections from men in both ways, me rejecting them, them rejecting me. The cycle of pain over and over again that seemed to feel exactly like the pain I experienced as a lonely child witnessing her parents fight and get divorced. The pain in my heart that seemed to be repeating forever… (it was because that is what inner child pain does until we reframe it and heal with the light of our souls!)

Britney Taylor

I broke out of it. I healed my heart. I came into my power. I came into my soul’s truth that I am a master manifestor and healer. I healed the pain and never looked back.


I have since manifested my dream man, along with my lifelong dream to be a mother and a wife. As well as running my own online business healing and helping others, another dream!

I could not have done it without maintaining a high frequency, the frequency of unconditional love, 

I want this for you too! And I am dedicating my life to teach you the exact processes I used to shift out of despair and heartbreak, repeating over and over, to the joy of living!! And the exhilaration of manifesting my heart’s deepest desires. 

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